Importazione e distribuzione prodotti ittici e specialità alimentari liguri

Tonno Pinna Gialla Lonze Filetti congelato cernia riccio granchio salmone prodotti liguri pesto ASMAR


Established in 1990 in Santa Margherita Ligure (Genova), in the heart of “Gulf of Tigullio”, ASMAR boasts years of background in Food Products, with clients throughout the Italian market.

Founded as Seafood Products International Broker, during the years, ASMAR developed into a Direct Importing Company of Leading Seafood and Canned Products (Yellowfin Tuna, Salmon, Sea Urchin) and a Specialties Exporter. 

Always focused on Health and Environment, our Company distributes only Natural non-treated Products and fishes exclusively catched by hook, in respect for the marine biosystem and the consumers’ Health.

ASMAR invests time in research, in order to keep being up to date in trends and new products in a Market rapidly changing and always looking ahead. Please visit our NEWS section for Latest Products!