Importazione e distribuzione prodotti ittici e specialità alimentari liguri

Importazione e distribuzione prodotti ittici e specialità alimentari liguri AZZEROCO2 PROJECT



In 2022, in order to mitigate the impact of our business on the environment, we decided to analyze and offset the CO2 emissions connected with the distribution of our products. To achieve this goal, our Company purchased emission credits generated by a renewable energy production project. The project, selected by Azzero CO2, our technical partner, is a high-profile one from an environmental and social viewpoint, in line with Asmar's corporate policies.



The project supported by Asmar concerns the design, the construction, the operation and maintenance of a 60 MW wind farm in the Indian state of Rajasthan, with the aim of providing reliable and renewable energy to the electricity network of the northern region of India.

The project leads to a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by replacing traditional electricity with alternative energy produced through fossil fuel.


What is offset?

Offsetting CO2 emissions is to balance the amount of CO2 generated by any activity through the purchase of carbon credits.

The credits derive from reforestation projects which absorb CO2, from energy efficiency projects or the use of renewable sources which do not produce CO2.

These projects also have a social impact as they create jobs for local populations and improve their quality of life.




Emissions Analysis

For the year 2022, AzzeroCO2 calculated the amount of greenhouse gas emissions deriving from our products distribution.

The analysis measured approximately 597 tonnes of CO2eq, which will be offset by the purchase of 597 CO2 credits.






Offsetting Project

The project chosen by Asmar is certified under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), a standard of the United Nations Framework Convention dealing with Climate Change (UNFCCC). This project will lead to a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions as it partially replaces electricity produced through fossil fuels in traditional installations.







In line with our environmental commitment, we obtained the AzzeroCO2 trademark, which certifies the successful emissions offset.