Importazione e distribuzione prodotti ittici e specialità alimentari liguri

Importazione e distribuzione prodotti ittici e specialità alimentari liguri Our History

Our History

ASMAR founder is Angelo Sciaccaluga, a well renowned Italian Seafood trader and technician. He was born in Sestri Levante, gorgeous ligurian village, homeland of fishermen and little craftsmen, where the first “Leudi”* were built and the art of hand-weaving of fishing nets and the most advanced fishing and preservation techniques coexisted.

His Origins and his considerable skills and experience allowed his descendants to acquire a great respect and love for the sea and to carry on and achieve with passion and dedication some of the projects an entire life wasn't enough to fulfill.

Our set of Products ranges from daily Fresh Fish to Canned Food to food Specialties coming from all over the world. Our activity is the outcome of important agreements and joint-ventures made with Producers from strategic locations, such as Indian and Pacific Ocean regarding Imports, and with top quality local producers for what concerns Local Seafood Products such as just fished Bluefin Tuna (Thunnus Thynnus). Browse our Catalogue for details.

Just call us to ask a door delivery. Goods will be dispatched directly to your storage. Daily Departures by Air and Truck to all over the world allow our trusted clients to receive their orders according to their most peculiar requirements.

Our setting allows us to direct ourselves to the local retailer as well as to Wholesalers and Supermarket Chains to which we can offer customised brand and a detailed scheduling of supplies up to 12 months in advance.

Fresh goods are carried by air and truck. Frozen and Canned Items are carried by truck or chilled/dry containers by sea, depending upon its final destination.

Browse our Catalogue and you will find all the technical details and products images. We are at your disposal to give you all the support you need and to answer your questions. You can email us or call us to place an order or ask for information. 

*typical ligurian sailing boats used as fishing vessels and cargo ships.